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Wage War Apparel
I often get funny looks or asked to repeat myself when I give the company name.  So what does Wage War mean? To me it is a reminder that every day I am called to put on the full armor of God and Wage War against the flesh.

Strength Requires Discipline
This three word slogan represents so much more than just physical bodily training. For us it really encompasses the daily Christian walk as well. In order to grow physically it requires discipline, consistency, and training.  Well in order to grow spiritually it requires the same things. We find our strength in the Lord, but know that we must strive to be obedient and disciplined.

Wage War Apparel started out as just a gym brand with no real expectations other than to design something that represented a passion of ours. However our passion is not just the gym at Wage War Apparel it is also our love for God, so we decided to have some shirts made that represented more than just the everyday shirts you see with catchy phrases and slogans that have become so popular today. We branded the shirts with a potential company name “Wage War Apparel” and a simple three word phrase, “Strength Requires Discipline”. This would also eventually become our company logo that you see today. The goal was and still is to reach people, build relationships, and provide a quality product all at the same time. The only way I felt that vision for this company could be achieved was by putting everything into building a small garage shop and taking that leap of faith. Wage War is not just a gym brand now. We are fully capable of taking any type of order. With plans to always be growing and expanding I look forward to your business and building a relationship.

Tyler Bailey
Wage War Apparel